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PS VR2’s finger tracking looks impressive in the new demo – here’s how it works

The PlayStation VR2 has touted finger tracking for a while, but we didn’t know exactly what the feature would look like. We have now seen it in action and it looks quite impressive.

First reported by our friends at GiochiRadar (opens in a new tab), a video has been released on Twitter showing PS VR2 finger tracking in action. Twitter user Fluffy Controller (opens in new tab) tweeted a video of the upcoming PS VR2 game Horizon Call of the Mountain which showcases the virtual reality headset’s finger tracking capabilities.

Try with #PSVR2 showing finger tracking movement. Seems pretty intuitive and matches character movement on screen very well 🤗🤗 19, 2022

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In the video, finger tracking looks quite realistic and impressive. The PS VR2’s response time seems particularly noteworthy, with the character’s hands on the display instantly mimicking the player’s hand and finger movements. You do notice a few hiccups – the water in the game doesn’t ripple or react in any way when a player puts their hand on it – but currently VR can only do so much. Of course, the shortcomings are nothing revolutionary.

As cool as it sounds, the finger tracking in the Horizon demo appears to be nothing more than an added layer of immersion. It will be interesting to see if finger gestures can have more practical applications in PS VR2 games, such as the ability to grab objects or pull back on a bowstring.

PS VR2: release date and games

PS VR2 is coming soon, and you can pre-order now. There are already some cute exciting games scheduled for release in February. In addition to Horizon Call of the Mountain, which has already impressed the testers with first practical impressions, the two big titles are probably No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village. Resident Evil Village, in particular, seeks to deliver an immersive and terrifying experience, with the entire single player campaign available in VR.

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